About Us

Essentially Jo is a company formed in Northern Minnesota with strong ties to nature and the environment. We feel that it is important to create a product that can fulfill people's needs without endangering the world we live in. We only use all natural and organic ingredients in our process and never test on animals. We hope you enjoy our full line of handcrafted products!

Our Soaps

Essentially Jo handcrafted soaps are made using the finest food-grade vegetable and essential oils. If you cannot ingest an ingredient, you are not likely to find it in our products. Since we use the cold-process method of soap-making we have complete control over our ingredients.

By leaving out artificial preservatives, additives, colors and fragrances; we've created a chemical free soap that nourishes skin and is great for the soul.

Mission Statement

To research and integrate essential oils into natural soap products, while continuing to provide top level customer service.